Cosplay It Forward

 Pittsburgh Based Cosplay Charity

Official Sponsor of The Pittsburgh Superhero Run and The Pittsburgh Dystonia Walk

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Erin - Princess Rainbow Cosplay
Grand Master Shmooze

Erin has been with Cosplay it Forward since late 2017 and is known for her skills at organizing and talking to strangers. When not in costume, Erin is a mother, gardener, and educator. She is active in the LGBTQ+ community and can often be found educating and promoting safety during local performances.  Her favorite thing about cosplay is having an excuse to get dressed up in costume and make people smile.

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Chelsea - Maiden Mayhem
Cat Herder 

Chelsea has been involved with charity work for many years, including participating with the CASA Superhero Run for the last 6. She’s been on the board of Cosplay It Forward since early 2018 and been cosplaying since 2017. During the day she works in IT and is an avid gamer by night. Chelsea dabbles in many fandoms and she is particularly fond of FPS games. Despite being new to cosplay her favorite thing about it is how it helps her overcome her shyness, she most enjoys it when someone recognizes her costume and it sparks conversation.

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Laurie - Lady Chaos Cosplay
Fearless Leader 


Laurie is one of the founding members of Cosplay It Forward. The idea for a charity cosplay group come to her when she and Sam attended a fundraising event and saw people in costumes helping raise awareness. She knew she has a lot of costumes and a desire to help. The rest is as they say, history. When not in costume, she is a graphic designer and photographer with an avid love of animals, including her dog, cats and horses.  Her favorite thing about cosplay is the joy it brings to people when they see you love the same things they do.

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Our Leadership Team

Welcome to the room where it happens.  Meet the people who are responsible for the groups daily activities.

Sam - Madame Blackwatch Cosplay
Hype Girl


Sam is one of the founding members of Cosplay it Forward. Her passion for working with charities has been with her ever since she was little. She decided to attend a fundraising event with Laurie, where they both saw people dressed in costume to raise awareness. It struck her  that she had costumes and could be out doing one of the things she loved while helping others.  When not in costume, Sam is a Contact Lens Coordinator for a vision practice, and a mother to two cats, a dog, and a chinchilla. Her favorite thing about cosplay is the smiles and happiness her costumes bring to people when she has them on and how people can be so excited to see her in costume. 

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Isa - Cerva Obscura Cosplay
Social Butterfly


Isa has been part of the leadership team since 2016. She loves to pull on the knowledge of the historic textile crafts to weave into her costumes, drawing from folklore and myth, she makes them relevant to today. In the everyday, she works at a local cultural institution preserving secrets of the past and enjoys sitting beneath the trees to remember that we are part of nature. Her favourite thing about cosplay is to put on the mighty armor of Imagination and bring low the armies of No-Fun, while on the same day putting on the gossamer wings of fancy to dance among the fae.

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