Cosplay It Forward

 Pittsburgh Based Cosplay Charity

Official Sponsor of The Pittsburgh Superhero Run and The Pittsburgh Dystonia Walk

How to Cosplay with Us 

Membership Guidelines

  1. If you agree to come to an event we will be counting on you to come. If you can’t please let us know. We understand life happens but will only allow two no-call no-shows at events.

  2. Must be sober while volunteering (1 strike and you’re banned. Includes alcohol and illegal substances. If we’re at an adult event and you want to drink after you’ve volunteered with us that is fine as long as you conduct yourself in an appropriate fashion)

  3. No pre-packaged costumes. We put a lot of time and effort into our costumes and the organizations working with us expect a higher level of quality than a bagged Halloween costume. Using a prepackaged costume as a base and then modifying it is ok. If you have questions about your costumes, contact us.

  4. No real weapons. All prop weapons will be checked to ensure safety.

  5. All volunteers must be 16+ yo, all volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent or guardian present at all times.

  6. Follow Family Friendly guidelines at family friendly/open events

  7. Some events will have their own guidelines that they ask us to adhere to. Adhere to any specific guidelines.

  8. No smoking while in costume during event. We don’t want some little kid to come out side and see Captain America lighting a cigarette, or wonder why Cinderella smells like cigarettes.

  9. Stay in Character as best as you can at the event. Food and bathroom spaces are, of course, out of character spaces.

  10. If you cause a scene at an event you will be removed from the event and banned. We are at events representing charity organizations, working for charity organizations or both and they expect us to behave a certain way.

  11. If you have a reason to believe a situation is unsafe come to one of the Leadership Team or whoever is the lead cosplayer at your event and let them know immediately.

  12. No tolerance for cosplay shaming or body shaming.

  13. Cosplay is not consent, we have 0 tolerance for sexual harassment. Do not touch or photograph someone else without their express permission. Violation of this will get you removed from the event and banned from all future group activities.

  14. NO discrimination, racist remarks, sexist remarks, bigotry, homophobia or trans phobia. You will be removed from the event and banned from all future Cosplay It Forward events. Please see our Statement of Inclusion for more information

  15. Don’t trash talk CIF or any of our charities. This includes posts on social media. Assume that anything posted on Facebook or other social media can be seen by representatives both from Cosplay It Forward and from the organizations we represent. If you have an issue or concern please contact the leadership team privately so we can resolve it.

  16. Remember we work with children. If you aren’t allowed to be around children or have restraining orders or a history of violence we ask that you do not volunteer with us.

  17. Our good name means a lot to us, it’s why charity organizations want to work with us. Volunteers can be removed or  banned at the Leadership Team’s discretion.

Please send us a message or attend a meet-up if you'd like to join us at events!